Okazaki Komadachi Grape Picking

■ Season

 July 20 – October 10

■ Park Hours


■ Access

 Approx. 20 minutes from Toyota-higashi IC / Approx. 30 minutes from Okazaki IC

 * Enter “0564-45-5151” (TEL) into Google Maps for details. 

 * Okariku Taxi (TEL): 0564-53-5411

■ Inquiries:

 Okazaki Komadachi Grape Association

 TEL 0564-45-5151

 FAX 0564-45-7519


 URL http://www.coma-grape.com

■ Admission (tax included)

・Greenhouse Delaware (July 20 to 31)

 Adult: \1,500, Child (primary school): \1,100, Child (preschool): \800

・Delaware (August 1 to late August) / Honey Seedless, Steuben, others(early September to around October 10)

 Adult: \1,400, Child (primary school): \1,000, Child (preschool): \700

・Seedless Kyoho (August 20 to around 31  *Ends when stock runs out)

 Adult: \1,800, Child (primary school): \1,300, Child (preschool): \1,000

・Kyoho (August 20 to around 31)

 Adult: \1,700, Child (primary school): \1,200, Child (preschool): \900

*Child (primary school): 1st to 6th grade, Child (preschool): Age 3 to 5 (prior to entering primary school)


<Honey Seedless>



■ Additional Information

Come as you are! No special preparation needed.

・The park is open even when it rains. 

・Reservations are required for groups of 20 or more people (TEL: 0564-45-5151). Discounts of \200 (adult) and \100 (preschool or primary school child) apply. 

・If you wish to take the grapes you have picked home with you, please purchase them at the shop (Fresh grapes, gift grapes, grape jam, grape juice, and other delicious items are also available for purchase.) 

・Program content may change depending on the weather. Picking season may also be shortened.